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So you know you need auto insurance. Heck, it’s the law, right? You got a car in Maryland, you get insurance in Maryland. Like it or not, that policy provides valuable, vital protection against the unforeseen.

But there’s no reason – none whatsoever – why you should have to pay an arm and a leg for that car insurance coverage. The expert agents of Insurance Brokers of Maryland will find you a first-rate auto insurance policy from a top-flight auto insurance carrier – at a premium you can afford.

Yes, Maryland, there is a way to get the cheapest Maryland car insurance that still offers responsive claims service and sufficient amounts of protection (spell that m-o-n-e-y) in the event of damage or an accident…and that way is to call us at Insurance Brokers of Maryland at 301-668-2233.

Put Us To Work Finding Your Next Maryland Auto Insurance Policy

We’ll Research Car Insurance Discounts, Coverages, and Riders – and Get You the Best Car Insurance Rates

There are several factors to think about when considering Maryland car insurance coverage. It doesn’t just boil down to which carrier offers the lowest car insurance premium. It’s about getting dependable auto insurance, from a reputable company, with enough protection to make things right again after things go wrong.

After all, that’s what car insurance coverage is all about.

There’s an old adage that you get what you pay for, meaning that if you simply select the lowest bid, you’ll get the lowest quality in return. That may be true for things like television sets or ribeye steaks, but it’s not necessarily so when it comes to Maryland auto insurance policies. In fact, you can purchase genuinely excellent car insurance in Maryland at a remarkably reasonable rate . . . if you work with an independent auto insurance agent at Insurance Brokers of Maryland.

We go the extra mile, so to speak, to maximize savings for our customers while ensuring they’re fully protected in case of a car accident. That means we research a variety of auto insurance policies from famous-name carriers, diving deep into each policy to determine which one guarantees the most protection (you know how that’s spelled) in case of bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, uninsured or underinsured motorist, or your vehicle is written off as a total loss.

In addition, we turn over all the proverbial rocks to uncover each and every discount for which our drivers are eligible.

When you’re looking for Maryland car insurance, discounts matter – but so does everything else. Rely on the experience and expertise of the Maryland auto insurance agents at Insurance Brokers of Maryland to find the best coverage at the most budget-friendly cost.

We’re a Completely Independent Agency for Maryland Car Insurance

Use Our Independence To Your Advantage and Select from Various Auto Insurance Policies

So state laws require drivers to carry auto insurance in Maryland – but as long as your policy meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements, Maryland drivers are free to choose which auto insurance carrier they use. That’s where we come in.

Insurance Brokers of Maryland holds a distinct advantage over other insurance agencies because we’re not tied to any particular carrier. Our complete independence means we’re able to seek out policies that offer more coverage for less money, unencumbered by any obligation to sell products from only one insurer. As a result, our customers get the benefit of multiple choices for their Maryland auto insurance policy.

No two car insurance coverages are exactly the same. Each policy can vary depending on the deductibles, the coverage limits, the add-on riders, the insured’s driving history, and other factors. Making sure you carry a Maryland car insurance policy is your responsibility . . . but making sure you get a great policy – with bodily injury liability coverage, personal injury protection, property damage protection, and one that covers medical expenses, all at an affordable premium – well, that’s our job.

What Does Auto Insurance Cover, Anyway?

Here’s a Brief Rundown of What Car Insurance in Maryland Actually Covers

There’s a reason state law mandates Maryland drivers carry auto insurance. It’s not to stuff the coffers of insurance carriers – it’s to protect others in the event of an accident, and to protect you in the event of damage.

A car accident – even a so-called minor one – is a major occurrence in the lives of everyone involved. There’s property damage to deal with, and in many cases, bodily injury to attend to. No one comes out for the better when accidents happen.

So auto insurance policies are designed to provide resources and protection (again, that’s spelled m-o-n-e-y) to the parties involved in the accident. Being in an accident without insurance . . . well, that’s just too expensive to contemplate.

An auto insurance policy can be written to cover all your needs in the aftermath of an accident. In addition to money for bodily injury, property damage, and medical expenses, policies can also cover things like roadside assistance, rental vehicle expense, personal property coverage, even a new car if the accident totals your previous one.

So the decision whether or not to carry car insurance isn’t yours – every driver must have it. But beyond that, the choices are entirely yours. Insurance Brokers of Maryland is here to help guide you to the smartest decisions for your situation.

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Wherever you reside in the great state of Maryland, Insurance Brokers of Maryland is the best agency to broker your auto insurance in Maryland.

No matter if you’re in the magnificent mountains of Oakland MD, the busy suburbs around our nation’s capital, or the sun-drenched beaches of California MD, we’re here to serve you. Over our decades in business we’ve helped Maryland residents from Montgomery County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Washington County, Wicomico County, Garrett County, and every Maryland town, city, county, and municipality in between.

Working out of our home offices in Frederick MD and Emmitsburg MD, the licensed agents of Insurance Brokers of Maryland are happy to help you find the Maryland car insurance coverage you need.

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