Finding the Best Car Insurance Companies in Maryland

You may have a good idea on how much coverage you need, and the features you want included in your policy, but how do you choose which among the car insurance companies in Maryland are reliable? The most important question to ask is how will your insurer treat you in case you need to file an insurance claim?

To help make sure that you only choose the right insurer that will pay you in full and on time from your shortlist of prospective insurers, here are a few tips.

Visit the Website of Maryland’s Department of Insurance

All states have their own Insurance Department. Check for consumer complaint ratios published per insurance company. Use the information to screen prospective insurance service providers. If you have already a list of the best quotes from various companies, check the ratio of each company in your list.

The car insurance companies in Maryland that have excellent complaint ratios (low ratio) coupled with reasonable premium quotes are the ones worth considering.

Determine the Insurance Companies Recommended by Body Repair Shops

Contact your trusted body shops and ask for recommendations. Since these shops regularly interact with insurers, they can offer a unique perspective. They can tell which of the car insurance companies in Maryland have the best claim processes. How smooth the claim process is can determine how fast a damaged vehicle can be repaired. Car shops would also know which insurance companies prefer using aftermarket parts instead of OEM just to cut down on their costs.

Check How the Insurers Fare in Financial Strength Ratings

There are websites that publish the financial strength ratings of all insurance service providers such as Standard & Poor and AM Best. While the rating has nothing to do with how the insurer deals with its clients, it measures the company’s financial capability to meet its claim obligations. Understandably, big and popular companies usually fare well in these ratings. However, if you are considering taking out a policy from not so familiar and smaller car insurance companies in Maryland, it wouldn’t be a total waste of time to check out how they stack up with the big boys in terms of their paying ability. Whether you decide to choose a big name or a smaller company, make sure that you only deal with one that is duly accredited by the BBB.

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