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Surety Bonds

Understanding Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are for agreements made between a third party and a business owner. The nature is very much similar to insurance, wherein the third-party guarantees the business owner to complete the contract that has been agreed to. Surety Bonds basically assure that both parties fulfill an agreement.

A surety bond is a good way to measure risk-management of potential fraud, malfeasance or employee larceny. By minimizing these risks, both parties can be able to maximize liability coverage whenever the said agreement failed to be fulfilled.

Types of Surety Bonds Available

Generally, there is a very broad array of surety bonds available today. Common types of Surety Bonds are:

  • Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Supply or Service Contract Bonds
  •  Subdivision/Site Improvement Bonds
  • License & Permits Bonds
  • Court Bonds (e.g. Probate, Guardian, Appeal)

Who Requires Surety Bonds?

Various individuals can be able to purchase surety bonds. They are most commonly utilized by brokers, company owners, suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers, investors, contractors and entrepreneurs.

How Insurance Brokers of Maryland can help

Insurance Brokers of Maryland has over 100+ years combined experience helping contractors large and small place the bonds they need.  We provide a unique skill set having both underwriting and agency experience, allowing us to handle even the most complex bond situations.  We provide expert financial analysis, and will work with you to help you grow your bond program and your business.  With access to a large number of surety markets and our extensive industry experience we can find solutions for even the most unique situations.  Contact us via email below or give us a call.

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  • Builders Risk Insurance

    When building a building, make sure that you’re protecting more than the people and the property, but the actual building itself while it is in the construction phase.

  • Business Owners Package Insurance

    The full suite of necessary business insurance lines can be conveniently handled in a single BOP package, protecting the liability of your company’s property and vehicles.

  • Business Interruption Insurance

    If a loss from theft, storm, accident or vandalism of property causes your business to be out of commission, threatening your business’s livelihood, you’ll be glad you have interruption protection.

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    Cover each of your company’s cars just like you would cover your own, and protect against risk to one of your company’s major investments.

  • Commercial Trucking Insurance

    Taking goods from one place to another requires mitigating the risks to both the goods and the trucks hauling them.

  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

    Beyond what a standard business liability policy offers, an umbrella policy grants you even more protection for a true peace-of-mind feeling.

  • Contractor’s General Liability Insurance

    Contractors, builders, construction managers, design/build professionals and owners of construction projects, whether public or private, commercial or residential, are all in need of general liability protection if something were to happen to persons or property.

  • General Liability Insurance

    Since anything can happen (and it usually does), a policy which pays in the event of a wide variety of occurrences is an absolute imperative for your business.

  • Hotel / Motel Insurance

    As a hotelier, you encounter issues and possibilities unseen in any other industry – so you need a policy providing unique coverages to match.

  • Liquor Liability Insurance

    Alcohol can lead directly to accidents, and if you supply, sell or make the alcohol in question, you could be liable for those accidents.

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

    Despite the best intentions, sometimes doctors and other medical professionals get sued by their patients – so having adequate malpractice protection is indispensable.

  • Product Liability Insurance

    If a product is made or sold by your company and it causes harm to another’s property or person, the value of this insurance line is made clear.

  • Restaurant & Bar Insurance

    The food service industry is tough enough, with the kinds of problems rare if ever seen in any other industry. Appropriately tailored insurance is a must for any restauranteur.

  • Special Event Insurance

    Hosting a party, a concert, a convention? A special event implies special needs that can only be protected by this form of insurance.

  • Surety Bonds

    Guarantee that a contract is executed on time and in the agreed-upon manner with a bond intended to secure the contract.

  • Technology Insurance

    Meant for companies that deal in technology, this insurance helps you recoup losses which affect your ability to deal in that technology.

  • Wholesalers and Distributors Insurance

    For companies in the business of wholesaling and distributing goods, a set of challenges particular to your industry means a type of insurance designed for you.

  • Defense Base Act Insurance

    DBA Insurance is a type of Workers’ Compensation insurance to protect employees, employers, independent contractors and others from damages due to injury, accidents, etc. on the job.

  • Insurance for Governmental Subdivisions

    There’s much to be analyzed when considering a municipality’s insurance needs. Are there special events to be covered? Does the municipality make use of volunteers? How could your school board or your water authority be held liable?

  • Insurance for Social Services

    A social services organization has similar risk-mitigation and protection requirements as any other business entity, but more of them.

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